What is the connection between emotions and physical health?

There is extensive research showing that the nervous system and the immune system are continuously communicating with each other.  Some research suggests that about 90 percent of all physical problems have emotional roots.  This can look like a multitude of things; irritable bowel symptoms, low immunity, chronic diseases cardiovascular disease and more. We have found many people do not realize that emotions trigger the release of hormones throughout your body.  These hormones include adrenaline, noradrenaline, endorphins, glucocorticoids, growth hormones and more.  The hormone released are known to influence how you respond to stress, are susceptible to diseases such as the common cold, autoimmune diseases and cancer.  What does this have to do with therapy?

Many health issues cause symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Working with you and your physician can assure we are doing all we can to help you obtain and maintain optimal health.  In daily practice, we always review client’s health history and symptoms and in most cases recommend a full physical with blood work for clients each year.  You would be amazed how many people come in with symptoms of depression and when they go to their primary care physician for a physical, we find common themes such as vitamin D deficiencies, thyroid issues, hormone issues and more.  While we still want to work on dealing with mental health symptoms, clients usually feel physically better once their physical issues are dealt with.  It is also important to understand that mental health issues can also trigger physiological issues.  For example, ways some people cope with stress such as overeating, drinking, not exercising, not taking care of their bodies, etc. all impact physical health.  Assessing overall well being puts clients on a positive pathway for overall success.

It is important for us to rule out physiological causes of your symptoms.  We take getting you the most accurate diagnosis seriously.  Can you imagine being in therapy for several months or years, not feeling like you are making as much progress as you want?  We want you to get the best comprehensive care possible.  It is understandable that going to your physician to test for physiological causes of your symptoms can be inconvenient.  However, we have seen physiological causes of mental health symptoms to be present in a quarter of our clients.  This helps you feel better faster.  Don’t stress, we will work with you to help you through this process.  We want you to feel good inside and out!